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What To Consider While Choosing An Industrial Chiller?

Industrial chillers come in a variety of configurations. Different chiller suppliers offer different chiller solutions, and as a result, customers must make decisions when purchasing chillers. How will they select suitable chiller manufacturers? Are there any issues we should be aware of when purchasing? The following Kingfit chiller manufacturer will accompany you to the analysis.

What Issues should be Paid Attention to when Purchasing a Chiller

When purchasing a chiller, it is necessary to know whether it is an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller, if the chiller model recommended by the supplier meets your requirements, or the cooling capacity is sufficient, and whether the power supply voltage matches. If different chiller suppliers have distinct prices, and we compare air-cooled chillers with water-cooled chillers, it will be difficult to choose a suitable supplier. Because the price of water-cooled chillers is cheaper than that of air-cooled chillers. 

When comparing the price of the chiller of the same scheme, we can’t see the low price and choose the low-priced supplier. We must compare the configuration of the chiller. 

To begin with, the compressor is the central component of the chiller, and the brands of compressors differ in price. We can’t just look at the compressor brand as a well-known brand to determine the quality of this chiller, and other accessories, such as pump brand, pump material, pump pressure, evaporator type and evaporator material, condenser, fan, and control panel, must be balanced. Consider the screw chiller. The control panel has a button type, LCD Touch Screen, PLC Controller, and different control systems, resulting in different screw chiller costs.

Secondly, the after-sales service of the chiller is also worthy of our attention. Whether the manufacturer of the chiller is professional, whether there are expert service personnel, and the time of the after-sales service are all factors that we need to consider when purchasing the chiller. The production time of the chiller, payment method, price terms, each difference will lead to the different price of the chiller. Only by choosing a supplier that suits our positioning can we get quality service at a preferential price.

Kingfit’s chillers have a favorable price, high-end configuration and professional technical team. It is a trusted chiller supplier and manufacturer in China. If you want to purchase a chiller, please contact us, Kingfit will make the best chiller solution for you with the best price .

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