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How to Select a Perfect Cold Room?

Cold Room

Are you in need to buy robust, consistent and energy-efficient cold room for your business? Then, you have come to the right place! Here in this article, you will get the detailed information regarding detailed features and specs of cold rooms available in the market these days.

Walk in Cold Rooms are defined as modular structures that are especially designed to preserve uniform temperature within. They are made up of panels with flexible sizes in order to ensure that there is enough space for storage. Cold Rooms are available in multiple dimensions, outfitted with features for optimal temperature management. In actual fact, typical cold rooms have the ability to maintain temperatures ranging from -40°C to +30°C.

When it comes to making your mind up to buy a walk in cold rooms, always spend money wisely. It must be reliable, energy-efficient and ideal enough to keep your products at perfect temperature and to maintain a high level of hygiene ensuring that products are stored in a controlled environment.

Features of a Typical Cold Room

Some of the typical cold room features include;

  • Modular construction that enables quick and easy installation
  • Flexible panel sizes
  • Optimal temperature management over a wide range
  • Have multi functional settings to suit different products
  • Cam locking-It ensures that walls, ceilings, doors, corners and floors are perfectly aligned
  • Sweep gasket maintains an airtight seal and helps maintain flexibility across temperatures
  • Consists of sliding doors or swing doors
  • In some Cold Rooms, there is a view port that allows one to look inside the cold room without the need to open the door

What to Consider When Selecting Cold Rooms?

  • The refrigeration technology they are based on
  • The degree of insulation
  • The temperature range they can maintain
  • Storage space and shelving
  • Will it be easy to modify designs in future?
  • How demanding will the maintenance be?

Now the important thing that you need to know about energy efficient freezer rooms is that they must be given utmost care when used to store food items to ensure right functioning of the unit. Kingfit Cold Rooms are especially designed to store a large number of perishable items, dairy products, fruits & vegetables and a lot more at a time. These energy efficient units need to be well-maintained and monitored in order to shun the entry of any foreign material and check that there are no water leakages. Each contemporary cold storage unit contains high-tech infrastructure and built-in sensors and alarms so that the maintenance team can identify the problem as soon as it happens.

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