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Kingfit Water cooled Scroll Chiller

Model: QLB30SC – QLB120SC


Deliver time:10days-30days

Cooling capacity: 8 Ton to 35Ton (30kw to 120kw).

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Water cooled Scroll Chiller?

Have you been looking for a water-cooled scroll chiller that can be used in various applications? Luckily enough our Kingfit Water Cooled Scroll Chiller is just what your heart desires!

Kingfit has been a trusted name when it comes to water chillers. We have provided top-quality water chillers that can work in various settings such as in the rubber and plastic industry, metal surface treatments, food and beverage, and even in the chemical industry! Hence, we take pride in our products to provide you with the best experience you’ll ever have! Our Kingfit Water Cooled Scroll Chiller is made from famous scroll compressors such as Copeland and Panasonic and features Schneider electrical components. Our products have also undergone tedious processes and used high-quality materials to prove their durability. 

To understand better how the Kingfit Water Cooled Scroll Chiller functions, the water-cooled scroll chillers are operated in such a way that the absorbed heat from your coolant is rejected to an additional fluid loop. It is a heat exchanger that removes unnecessary heat from the refrigerant and transfer to the water running through it. And since it’s water-cooled, the condenser functions as a specialized heat exchanger in which it allows for condensing hot and high-pressure gas from the compressor into a liquid. 

Rubber and Plastic – Kingfit Water Cooled Scroll Chiller is a cooling system that uses water to remove heat from a process. These chillers are typically used in rubber and plastic processes where large amounts of heat need to be removed. Common applications for water-cooled chillers include plastic injection, plastic extruding, bottle blowing, and film blowing. In addition, the water chiller system is also used for cooling to enable the molding of the product. Some examples are injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extrusion molding machines, PET blowing machines, film blowing machines, packing machines, printing machines, and more!

Metal Surface Treatment – Water-cooled scroll chillers are an ideal choice for metal surface treatment applications requiring precise temperature control. These chillers are designed to keep the rectifier cool during operation, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance. In addition, water-cooled scroll chillers are highly corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for use in environments where metal plating or anodizing is taking place. Whether you’re zinc plating, gold plating, silver plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, or aluminum anodizing, a water-cooled chiller can help ensure a consistent and high-quality finish. Plus, the compact design of these chillers makes them easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Food and Beverage – water-cooled scroll chiller systems are an efficient way to cool your products without icing up in the making vessel. Some examples such as wine fermentation, Brewery chillers, carbonated water chillers, and dairy product processes are all enhanced by using a water-cooled scroll chiller. The water is chilled in a chiller and then flows through a closed-loop tubing attached to a heat exchanger food and beverage vessel. This prevents corrosion of metals often found in water, and it also keeps your products at a consistent temperature. Whether you need to maintain optimal yeasts for wine fermentation or keep milk from spoiling, a water-cooled scroll chiller can help you achieve your desired results.

Chemical Industry – A water-cooled scroll chiller is a vital piece of equipment for any chemical industry operation. The chiller removes unnecessary heat from the process to keep the operation running smoothly. Process cooling cools the vessel to protect the vessel and maintain the operating required temperature for continuous operation and production.  As the chiller utilizes water, this means that water can remove more heat from the system, making it an essential piece of industrial equipment. 

We know you’re looking for a high-quality, energy-efficient water-cooled chiller. That’s why we offer an extensive variety of commercial and industrial chillers to meet all your needs! Inquire now at Kingfit!

Why choose the Kingfit Water Cooled Scroll Chiller?

  • Full protection devices of the entire water-cooled chiller. 
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant R410a charged. 
  • Easy installation.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Up to 12 months of warranty time since delivery. 

What are the benefits of water-cooled condensers?

  • Can be operated at a low condensing temperature.
  • Compact design that allows quick, easy installation, and less maintenance. 
  • Low noise and less vibration. 
  • Energy efficient
  • Long-lasting performance (with proper maintenance) that does not require external power. 
  • Higher rate of heat transfer and shorter cooling time.
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs
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1.Temperature control range: -5℃ to +25℃;

2.Copeland /Panasonic scroll compressor;

3.High cooling efficiency air-cooled condenser;

4.High efficiency stainless steel tank + copper coil evaporator / shell and tube evaporator.

5.Full protection devices of entire Air cooled chiller;

6.Environmental friendly refrigerant R410a charged;

7.Easy installation, less maintenance save cost;

8.Up to 12 months of warranty time since delivery.

Cooling Capacity: 28kw 42.6kw 57.6kw 63.9kw 85.2kw 119.6kw
COP 4.53 4.73 4.67 4.73 4.73 4.84
Input power 6.18kw 9kw 12.33kw 13.5kw 18kw 24.76kw
Compressor: Copeland Copeland
Condenser: High efficient Shell & tube High efficient shell & tube
Evaporator: High efficient Shell & tube High efficient shell & tube
Chilled water flow rate: 80L/min 122L/min 165L/min 183L/min 244L/min 343L/min


  1. In which field do you use the chiller?
  2. What’s the cooling capacity do you want?
  3. What’s the requested outlet water temperature?

4.Which city of your factory located? What is the ambient temperature range there in summer and winter?

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