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KINGFIT Chimi Series Small Industrial Chiller

This small chiller has a cooling capacity of 2 tons to 7 tons. It ensures premium precision and stability for your processing needs so you can have complete control over the finished product!

Kingfit Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Chiller Project-Yongzhen technology

12 units of 700RT bearing chillers for solar panel aluminum profile frame anodizing processing line.40% More energy saving than screw chillers.


Kingfit Supper Shitake Mushroom Project-Qihe Biotech

ShangDong Qihe is one of the biggest shitake mushroom farm in the world,Kingfit provide high-tech climate system for their mushroom tunnels.Contact with us for details about shitake climate system.

Kingfit Mobile Cooler for Oyster Mushroom Addition Cooling in Hot Summer-Project in Netherlands

We have models of 10HP,10HP,10HP,15HP and 20HP mobile cooling unit for different size of mushroom grow rooms.Please contact with us for details.

Water Cooled Chiller – Kingfit Testimony

Kingfit direct cooling screw chiller project for cookware hard anodizing in PT.Maspion Indonesia since 2010!We still maintain close and friendly cooperation with them.Kingfit provides the efficient cooling system you need for your manufacturing,if you need the same support,contact us now!

Cannabis indoor farming-in collaboration with Suncool in Thailand

This project is equipped with Kingfit’s All In One Climate Control Machine for the cultivation of  cannbis(hemp).Contact us if you are looking for this kind of cooling system for your cannabis indoor farm.

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