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Solutions of Grain Storage

Grain Storage Solutions

Grain and seed storage is a massive task due to the numerous frequent issues involved. Among the most important are the effects of metabolic respiration on quality and weight loss. Moreover, new insect, fungal, and mycotoxic species have emerged. These problems have persisted for a long time, and humans continue to create grain storage solutions. Turning, drying, chemical fumigation, and a few other typical techniques were the only partial cures. This article discusses numerous practical and feasible actions you may take to safeguard your grains from a variety of threats.

Carrying out the foundational homework before storage


As far as the protection of grain from a large number of typical problems and conditions is concerned. It simply begins even before the storage process is initiated. You need to clean and empty the grain store completely. Pay close attention to any corners, joints, or crevices because insects and other pests like to hide in these areas. Pests are incredibly resilient, and they can live under old grains as well as in dust that has gathered in the grain store’s many holes and cracks. Therefore, you must carefully remove and thoroughly clean such hiding places.

The conveyed bulk will be harmed if the conveying equipment is not operating properly. Therefore, be particular about their cleanliness and functioning. The broken grains can also be an easy meal for those pest species and grain beetles that are not able to feed on intact grain. With the application of specific pesticides in mind, the cleaning of the warehouse necessitates actions that are strictly in accordance with the established standards and regulations. And, it also needs proper documentation without fail.

All the brought-in grains also need to be thoroughly checked and inspected before they are transferred to the grain store. To keep birds and rodents out of the grain, some constructional measures, such as covering exhaust air holes with mesh or grilles, can be a good idea.

Take fungi seriously because they can harm cereals, humans, and animals alike


Field fungi (primary fungi) enter the warehouse or grain store as and when the harvest comes in. And the growth of secondary fungi is caused by this kind of fungus. When the conditions are favorable, these molds produce extremely fatal and toxic mycotoxins. That is dangerous not only for human beings but also for animals. Even if the pigs consume those mycotoxins-affected grains, they fall prey to reduced growth, lost appetite, and fertility problems. Heat and moisture are responsible for igniting the metabolism of molds while promoting the development of harmful mycotoxins. In case sufficient arrangements are not made and the crop is left uncooled. The entire atmosphere offers ideal growing conditions for maximum fungus development.

Cooling slows down pests and fungi

Insects and molds can survive in the stored grain only when they get a favorable environment. This is exactly where the role of an effective and efficient chiller machine manufactured and supplied by the leading chiller manufacturer in China comes into play. This chilling framework not only maintains the required temperature but also regulates the levels of humidity. The system is essential to the security of the stored grain.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of the grain cooling framework:

  • Despite being stored for a long time, there is no reduction in the amount or quality of the grains.
  • a substantial decrease in the amount of dry material lost during respiration
  • Stopping the growth of insects, molds, and other pests
  • An obvious improvement in the grains’ quality when it comes to health
  • Unfazed by myocytes and mycotoxins defense
  • Keeping batches with various humidity levels in storage
  • a significant decrease in drying-related expenditures
  • No need for the elimination of the grains
  • Minimization of drying costs
  • No need to send out trained workers to maintain the framework

All the aforementioned grain-damaging activities can be controlled with the right use of a chiller machine made and provided by the top chiller manufacturer in China. Furthermore, once cooled, the grain may keep its low temperature for a very long time.

Concluding Remarks

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