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Kingfit Screw Style Industrial Chiller

Model number:QLK710SMC~QLK2060SMC


Deliver time:45days~60 working days

Cooling capacity: 233TON~583TON

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is New Screw Style Water Chiller

Kingfit flooded type water cooled screw chillers are using famous brand compressor like Bitzer, Comor, Hanbell etc.

The evaporator adopts flooded design, small in size, low maintenance rate, low noise and convenient cleaning etc. When cleaning the evaporator only needs to open the lids at both ends for cleaning. The evaporation tubes adopt our patented external threaded tube, it makes the energy efficiency ratio up to 5.3.

The operating electricity consumption is 27% less than the conventional dry type chiller.

Customized industrial chiller designed for 365 days of refrigeration throughout the year.

Industrial grade PLC control system annual climate simulation test, make sure the chiller’s refrigeration is safe and efficient throughout the year, which avoids the safety risks caused by the failure of the commercial machine to start in winter and start the failure.

1.Water temperature control range: -5℃ to +25℃;

2.Use Comor, Hanbell, Bitzer brand screw compressors;

3.High cooling efficiency water-cooled condenser (shell & tube type)

4.High efficiency flooded type evaporator and falling-film type evaporator for option;

5.Full protection: High or low pressure protection, over-load protection, anti-phase protection, compressor over-heat protection, extra high pressure fusible plug protection, oil pressure protection, etc. ;

6.Environmental friendly refrigerant R134A as an option;

7.Easy installation and maintenance;

8.Up to 12 months of warranty time since delivery.

Cooling capacity 667KW 777KW 910KW 1026KW 1083KW 1334KW 1553KW 2053KW
(233RT) (221RT) (258RT) (291RT) (308RT) (379RT) (442RT) (583RT)
Input Power 127.4KW 146.8KW 172.9KW 194.4KW 211.6KW 255KW 293.6KW 389KW
COP 5.24 5.29 5.27 5.28 5.12 5.23 5.29 5.28


    1. In which field do you use the chiller?
    2. What cooling capacity do you want?
    3. What’s the requested outlet water temperature?

    4. Which city of your factory located? What is the ambient temperature range there in summer and winter?

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