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Kingfit Screw Style Chiller

Model number: QLK150SMC~QLK2060SMC


Deliver time:45days~60 working days

Cooling capacity: 40RT~583RT

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is New Screw Style Water Chiller

Have thoughts on screw-style industrial chillers that are ideal for laboratories and processes that require precise low-temperature control? Find no more as Kingfit Screw Style Chiller got your back!

Kingfit’s Chillers are known to be highly efficient and have high energy efficiency in which people continue to seek these products. For screw-style chillers, our industrial chillers assure you a low-profile design but with high-quality operations as we use famous brand compressors such as Bitzer, Comor, Hanbell, etc. Our Kingfit Screw Style Chiller showcases a flooded design that enables you to optimize your system at a load point for maximum efficiency. 

Industrial chillers usually have 4 main components that are fundamental for the chiller to continuously run at a controlled temperature: Evaporator, Compressor, Condenser, and Expansion Valve. Compared to other conventional chillers, our evaporation tubes are adopted with patented external threaded tubes which makes our chillers’ energy efficiency ratio up to 5.3.

Rubber and Plastic – Kingfit Screw Style Chiller is perfect for operations that use process cooling for heat dissipation and heat extraction as it is vital to yield high-quality products. This includes processes such as plastic injection, plastic extruding, bottle blowing, film blowing, and many more that require thermoplastic materials that need to be heated to their molten temperature and then be solidified as the last step through cooling with the use of the industrial chiller. 

HVAC System – it may be designed on a site-to-site basis, Kingfit Screw Style Chiller is also suitable for HVAC system as it has a high cooling efficiency water-cooled condenser and a high efficiency flooded type and falling film type evaporator that functions for a controlled cooling capacity that ranges from 40 RT to 583 RT (140KW to 2053KW). Aside from being space and energy-efficient, its high specifications provide solutions to different industrial heating, ventilation, and air condition requirements. 

Food and Beverages – Kingfit Screw Style Chiller is best for processes that involve complex cooling conditions and have to keep the equipment cool. Food and beverages need accurate temperature control in order to achieve the right formula for producing such high-quality products. Hence, adequate process cooling is a must to maximize productivity. Some examples are wine and beer fermentation, carbonated drinks through carbon dioxide mixing, dairy products, and many more!

In addition, it includes an industrial-grade PLC control system that conducts annual simulation tests to ensure the safety and efficiency of the industrial screw chiller for a longer run.

Convinced with the high specifications? Grab yours now and enjoy highly efficient screw-style chillers! Click or call today to speak with an expert at Kingfit group.

Why choose the Kingfit New Screw Style Water Chiller?

  • Electricity consumption is 27% less than a conventional dry-type chiller.
  • Evaporation tubes with a patented external threaded tube that makes the energy efficiency ratio up to 5.3.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. 
  • Industrial grade PLC control system to ensure a highly efficient chiller for a longer and continuous run. 
  • Environmental friendly R134a refrigerant. 


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  1. Cooling Capacity: 140KW-2053KW
  2. Water Temperature Control Range:  -5°C to 25 °C
  3. Tight temperature control
  4. High cooling efficiency water-cooled condenser (shell and tube type)
  5. Use Comor, Hanbell, Bitzer brand screw compressors. 
  6. Full protection such as high/low-pressure protection, overload protection, anti-phase protection, compressor overheat protection, extra high-pressure fusible plug protection,  oil pressure protection, etc. 
Cooling capacity 140KW 183KW 243KW 267KW 330KW 361KW 431KW 541KW
(40RT) (52RT) (69RT) (76RT) (94RT) (103RT) (123RT) (154RT)
Input Power 29.6KW 37.1KW 49.5KW 53.9KW 64.6KW 71.1KW 86.3KW 105.8KW
COP 4.73 4.95 4.92 4.96 5.12 5.09 5 5.12
Cooling capacity 667KW 777KW 910KW 1026KW 1083KW 1334KW 1553KW 2053KW
(233RT) (221RT) (258RT) (291RT) (308RT) (379RT) (442RT) (583RT)
Input Power 127.4KW 146.8KW 172.9KW 194.4KW 211.6KW 255KW 293.6KW 389KW
COP 5.24 5.29 5.27 5.28 5.12 5.23 5.29 5.28


    1. In which field do you use the chiller?
    2. What cooling capacity do you want?
    3. What’s the requested outlet water temperature?

    4. Which city of your factory located? What is the ambient temperature range there in summer and winter?

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