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Kingfit chillers
ZhiMei Series Plastic Chiller

Cooling capacity range:2.6kw~39.2kw

Input power range:1.3kw~13.7kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Air Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity range:5.7kw~125.6kw

Input power range:2kw~37.6kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Water Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity range:28kw~119.6kw

Input power range:6.1kw~24.7kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Magnetic Bearing Chiller

Cooling capacity range:363kw~3464kw

Input power range:72kw~576kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Screw Chiller

Cooling capacity range:91.9kw~3461kw

Input power range:22.2kw~629.4kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Air Cooler For Powder Processing Line

Input power range:9kw~22kw

Fan capacity range:1600m3/h~5700m3/h

Air temperature range:0C~25C

What Kind Of Plastic Machines Need A Chiller?

Injection molding machine, Blow molding machine, extrusion molding machine, Pet blowing machine, Film blowing machine, packing machine, printing machine, etc.

Why Plastic Process Need A Chiller?

Plastic processes such as plastic injection, plastic extruding (sheet extrusion or profile extrusion), bottle blowing and film blowing, etc. Before shaping, the thermoplastic materials like PP, PET, PVC, Nylon must be heated to their molten temperature, then the molten materials can be manipulated to a new shape by injection molding machine and extrusion machine. During forming processing, considerable amounts of heat have to be removed from the materials, mold, and machine by chillers. Finally, the materials will be solidified.

Kingfit Rubber And Plastic Processing Chiller

Kingfit plastic processing chillers include an air-cooled scroll chiller, water-cooled scroll chiller, water-cooled screw chiller, etc. Firstly, the chiller is used to protect your process equipment, it will cool down the hydraulics of the injection molding machine and extrusion machine, so as to save energy and extend the lifetime of the machinery.
Secondary, in order to maximize productivity and improve the quality, the process chiller is used to cool down heated thermoplastic that is injected, blown, extruded, or stamped. Maintaining a constant and proper cooling temperature in your process equipment will increase the number of parts produced per hour, and a significant reduction in the number of defective parts.

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