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Plastic Chiller - United States


The Kingfit Group has a history of producing top-of-the-line, highly efficient chillers in the United States, as we use microchannel air-cooled scroll chillers built with well-known and globally recognized scroll compressors from Copeland, Schneider, and other electrical components. When it comes to plastic chillers for molding, Kingfit provides the best with outstanding performance via chillers that produce cooling temperatures by releasing heat.

Moreover, the Kingfit Chimi Series Plastic Small Chiller is designed best for rubber and plastic processes as it prevents the deformation of plastic products through cooling with a cooling capacity of 1 ton to 10 tons. The parallel-flow aluminum tube microchannel condenser works well with various refrigerants. It also helps in improving and enhancing the performance of the condenser to avoid further oil complicated systems. This ensures the safety and improved energy efficiency performance of the chiller.  Our Kingfit Chimi Series Plastic Small Chiller is built with precise engineering that allows you to optimize your operation and also offers anti-corrosion technology. 

Rubber and Plastic – Kingfit Chimi Series Plastic Small Chiller is designed with high specifications that can work best with rubber and plastic processes such as injection molding, plastic extruding, bottle blowing, and film blowing. The form and molding process requires the complex procedure of removing a large amount of heat to yield exceptional products. The chiller can help keep the equipment cool and regulate the temperature of the system. Some examples that needed these kinds of small water chillers are injection molding machines, blow molding machines, packing machines, printing machines, and many more.  Moreover, our chiller uses a combination of the most advanced submerged heat exchanger technologies and mass flow controllers. 

Like the Kingfit Chimi Series Plastic Small Chiller’s high quality and energy efficiency? Order now because we have the best selection of commercial and industrial plastic chillers! We can reach you immediately whether you are in the United States or abroad.

Plastic Chiller - United States

Model number: QLC370SJAC~QLC700SAJC; MOQ:1set Deliver time:45days~60 working days Cooling capacity: 363KW~695KW. Warranty: 12 months after delivery
Model: QLB6FC - QLB130FC MOQ: 1 set Delivery Time: 10days-30days Cooling Capacity: 2 Ton to 40Ton (6kw to 130kw). Warranty: 12 months after delivery
Model number: KFMS23B1R, KFMS45B1R MOQ: 1 set Delivery time: 15days~45 working days Cooling/Heating capacity: 20TON~40TON(70KW~150KW) Warranty: 12 months after delivery
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