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Plastic Chiller - Dubai United Arab Emirates


Considering a mini water chiller for your business in Dubai? You’re in luck because we have the ideal chiller to meet all of your cooling requirements. Kingfit’s Small Chimi Series is built to handle everything from rubber to plastic food and beverage processing, even in hot climates like the United Arab Emirates!

Kingfit Group is a dependable and trusted partner that has been providing top-quality chillers for over 20 years. Our experience in the industry, as well as consistent innovation with new technologies, make us an excellent choice to support your business needs! Our Kingfit Chimi Series Small Chiller is known in Dubai for its compact and low profile design yet does wonders like a large capacity big chiller! It has guaranteed durability as we use famous scroll compressors from EMERSON. Moreover, we also utilize Schneider electrical components and a parallel flow aluminum tubes microchannel condenser by only using high-quality parts that we can offer!

This small chiller has a cooling capacity of 2 tons to 12 tons. It ensures excellent precision and stability for your processing needs so you can have complete control over the finished product! Other than being easy to install and maintain due to its small size, it has high energy efficiency with low power consumption. This small water chiller can reduce your maintenance and operational costs which is worth every penny!

Rubber and Plastic – The Kingfit Chimi Series mini chiller is the perfect choice for the rubber and plastic industry. The chiller is used to cool the product after a significant amount of heat is removed in forming processing. Some examples include plastic injection, profile extrusion, bottle blowing, and film blowing to achieve such a product. The mini chiller is compact and small, making it easy to store and transport. It is also very efficient, using a small amount of water to cool the product. Some applications include injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extrusion molding machines, PET-blowing machines, packing machines, printing machines, and many more! As a result, the mini chiller is an ideal choice for the rubber and plastic industry. 

Food and Beverage – This compact chiller uses process cooling to remove heat from your equipment, keeping your food and beverages adequately chilled. The water is chilled in a chiller and then flows through a closed-loop tubing attached to a heat exchange of the food and beverage vessel. Moreover, the accurate temperature control that comes with the chiller helps regulate the temperature to keep your operation running smoothly and also prevent any contamination to yield high-quality products. 

Love the high quality of our products? Order your own Kingfit Chimi Series Small Chiller now and we deliver anywhere ate Dubai United Arab Emirates!

Plastic Chiller - Dubai United Arab Emirates

Model number: QLC370SJAC~QLC700SAJC; MOQ:1set Deliver time:45days~60 working days Cooling capacity: 363KW~695KW. Warranty: 12 months after delivery
Model: QLB6FC - QLB130FC MOQ: 1 set Delivery Time: 10days-30days Cooling Capacity: 2 Ton to 40Ton (6kw to 130kw). Warranty: 12 months after delivery
Model number: KFMS23B1R, KFMS45B1R MOQ: 1 set Delivery time: 15days~45 working days Cooling/Heating capacity: 20TON~40TON(70KW~150KW) Warranty: 12 months after delivery
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