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Kingfit Mushroom Mobile Type Cooling Machine

Model number: QSP21SZ~QSP45SZ


Deliver time: 45days~60days

Cooling capacity: 33.5kw~66kw

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Mushroom Mobile Type Cooling Machine

Kingfit mushroom mobile type cooling machine is used for mushroom grow room and cold room addition cooling in summer or as a backup unit when your AC system has emergency problems.

It is a water-cooled type unit, so will need you to connect the machine condenser with soft water pipes and with electrical cables for the power supply. Then put this machine inside the room for cooling.

We are now have 4 models: 10hp,12hp,15hp and 20hp units for different size of rooms.

Control temperature range from 0deg.c to 25deg.c.

This unit will help your farm with fewer risks for the cooling system, please contact us for more details!

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1. Stainless steel material unit;

2. PLC control system;

3. Only cooling functions;

4. Mobile type design;

5. Water cooled type unit;

6. With two fans blow to the front side and backside;


Kingfit Website


1. What is the cooling capacity of your grow room or cold room?

2. What is the temperature range required for your rooms?

3. How many units do you need from us?

4. What is the 3phase power supply there?

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