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Kingfit Mushroom Growing Container

Model Number: QGF20FT,QFG40FT

MOQ: 1 set

Delivery Time: 45days~60days

Room Size: 20ft container or 40ft container (or customized with similar size)

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Mushroom Growing Container

Growing mushrooms is a great way to get your hands on some fresh produce. With Kingfit’s Mushroom Growing Containers, you can grow any type of crop in an indoor environment with ease!

Indoor Farming – There are a lot of mushrooms or plants that Kingfit Mushroom Growing Container can be used. It includes button mushroom, oyster, eryngii, shitake mushrooms, ect mushrooms, cannabis, vegetables, and fruits! In indoor farming, you must be able to provide the right climate parameters and stabilize it in order to yield high-quality products. Hence, our Mushroom Indoor Growing Container is perfect for your crops as it incorporates an intelligent control system to comprehensively control the four elements namely: temperature, light, humidity, CO2, and air! It makes it easier for you to control while improving productivity as well as reducing labor and maintenance costs!

Kingfit Mushroom Growing Container assures you in increasing your productivity with its features! Its entire system consists of assembled polyurethane insulation grow room, all in one type climate unit, fresh air/return air system, humidification system, mushroom racks, lightening system, and drainage system! Its complex system makes the work easier as you only need to connect it to the power supply and water pipe and you’re ready to grow the crops!

Moreover, it is suitable for room sizes of 20ft container or 40 ft container which is suitable enough to grow crops. Its humidification pipes are designed to be installed on both left and right sides of the grow room. It has small homes so the fog will be emitted for humidification. 

Convinced with our high-quality mushroom growing container? Get your own Kingfit Mushroom Growing Container now!

Why choose the Kingfit Mushroom Growing Container?

  • Small-size grow rooms, suitable for small-scale farms or family farms. 
  • Full auto control system including temperature, humidity, CO2, and light control.
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  1. Room size: 20ft container or 40ft container. 
  2. Mobile type design
  3. A full set system, don’t need you to buy additional equipment, only need to buy spawn bags to start growing.


  1. What Kind of Mushroom or Plant Do You Plan to Grow?
  2. What is The Size of Your Grow Rooms?
  3. How Many Rooms Do You Plan to Build?
  4. For Mushroom Growing, How Many Tons of Compost or Subsrates are Put in Each Grow Room?
  5. For Cannabis, Vegetables, and Fruits Cultivation, How Many Led Light Each Room?
  6. Which City of Your Grow Farm Located? What Is The Ambient Temperature and Humidity Range There In Summer and Winter?
  7. Any layout of your Mushroom farm?
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