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Kingfit Mushroom Air Handling Unit

Model Number: QSA080,QSA120, QSA180,QSA240

MOQ: 1 set

Deliver Time: 30days-45days

Air Volume: 8000m3/h ~ 24000m3/h

Warranty: 12 months after delivery


What is Mushroom Air Handling Unit

Whether you are growing mushrooms or not, it’s important to ensure they receive the right climate.Kingfit Mushroom Air Handling Unit can help with this!

Indoor Farming – Indoor farming crops such as mushrooms, cannabis, fruits, and vegetables, has to attain the right climate parameters in order to grow high-quality crops. You can also decrease the chance of damaging the crops. Hence, the Kingfit Mushroom Air Handling Unit is suitable for your indoor farming needs as it incorporates an AHU that will automatically control the growing room temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 levels. This can reduce labor costs while maximizing productivity. 


Kingfit Mushroom Air Handling Unit is used for growing mushrooms that need to grow in accordance with the right climate parameters. The air handling manufacturer unit has a filter differential pressure alarm that automatically prompts the customer if it’s time to clean or replace the filter. It also has a double coil with a four-pipe control design that enables hot and cold water to be operated independently! This means that it has the ability to meet the dehumidification function in multiple mushroom houses every transitional season.

Moreover, the Air Handling Unit for Mushroom growing is incorporated with a variable frequency fan in which the air volume can be adjusted according to your requirements (10% to 100%). Its mushroom chamber also has a breeze circulation state to maintain a steady temperature and the right climate parameters in all corners of the room. 

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Why choose the Kingfit Mushroom Air Handling Unit?

  • AHU can automatically control the climate parameters of the room. 
  • The temperature and humidity sensor uses a wet and dry bulb thermometer for air conditioning enthalpy laboratories.
  • The fresh air valve and return valve uses proportional actuators. 
  • The fresh air inlet adopts the early effect and medium effect bag filter to prevent outside air to contaminate the mushroom house. 


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  1. Air Volume: 8000m3/h to 24000m3/h
  2. Gathered with temperature, humidity, CO2, and light auto control. 
  3. Fresh air and return air damper PID control.
  4. Dehumidification function. 
  5. Aluminum alloy material body with 2mm/3mm thickness.
  6. Stainless steel condense water pan. 
  7. Hot-Galvanized steel fan. 
Model QSA080 QSA120 QSA180 QSA240
Air Flow Rate 8000m3/h 12000m3/h 18000m3/h 24000m3/h
Cooling Capacity 115KW 170KW 256KW 343KW
Chilled water  temperature Inlet water temp. 7℃, outlet water temp. 12℃
Heating Capacity 44KW 68KW 137KW 188KW
Hot water temperature Inlet water temp. 50℃, outlet water temp. 35℃
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  3. How Many Rooms Do You Plan to Build?
  4. What Is The Size of Your Shelf?
  5. How Many Tons of Compost or Subsrates are Put in Each Grow Room?
  6. Which City of Your Grow Farm Located? What Is The Ambient Temperature and Humidity Range There In Summer and Winter?
  1. Any layout of your Mushroom farm?
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