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Kingfit chillers
Air Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity range:7.9kw~134.8kw

Input power range:2.7kw~41.3kw

In/outlet liquid temperature:22.5C/20C

Water Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity range:30.2kw~126kw

Input power range:6.2kw~25.96kw

In/outlet liquid temperature:22.5C/20C

Directly cooling Screw chiller

Cooling capacity range:177.8kw~2106kw

Input power range:31.4kw~328.6kw

In/outlet liquid temperature:22.5C/20C

Magnetic bearing chiller

Cooling capacity range:373kw~2441.3kw

Input power range:56kw~290kw

In/outlet liquid temperature:22.5C/20C

High temperature screw type heat pump unit

Heating capacity range:248.9kw~722.3kw

Input power range:83kw~241kw

In/outlet liquid temperature:80C/85C

Why Metal Surface Finishing Need A Chiller?

The metal surface finishing includes electroplating, anodizing, and coating. The metal finishing processes typically produce significant quantities of thermal energy which can adversely affect the quality of finished products if not properly dissipated. Temperature control is an important part of the surface finishing process. Keeping the rectifier cool and the tank(s) at a steady temperature is imperative to high-quality parts. Focus on the eager needs of the surface finishing factory, Kingfit designed high-quality corrosion-resistant surface finishing chillers based on your design requirements for thermal load, unit size constraints, special voltages, and special operating conditions (low temperature, high ambient, etc). So as to solve the problems in finishing processing.

Applications Of Metals Plating Industry

Including Zinc Plating, Chrome Plating, Nickel Plating, Gold Plating, Silver Plating, Aluminum Anodizing, Cookware Hard Anodizing, etc.

Kingfit Chiller Sizing

To determine the size of chiller you’ll need for your metal finishing operation, follow this formula:
Obtain output of rectifier (Amp & Volts)

  1. Obtain total BTU’s Total BTU’s = Amps x Volts x 3.414
  2. Calculate tons of cooling capacity Tons = BTU ÷ 12,000
  3. Size chiller by rounding up to the closest standard unit size

For example:

  1. Rectifier output Is 1,000 Amps & 24 Volts
  2. Total BTU’s = 1,000 x 24 Volts x 3.414 = 81,936
  3. Tons= 81,936 ÷ 12,000 = 6.83 tons
  4. This application will require a 7.5-Ton unit

Plug in the following two inputs into the calculator below to get the estimated chiller
the size you need for your application.

  • Rectifier Amperage Output
  • Rectifier Voltage Output

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