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Kingfit Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Model number: QLC370SJAC~QLC700SAJC;


Deliver time:45days~60 working days

Cooling capacity: 363KW~695KW.

Warranty: 12 months after delivery


What is Magnetic Bearing Chiller?

As a pioneer in the application of variable speed oil-free magnetic bearing compressors, Kingfit has led the way by designing and building the most efficient chillers for Aluminum profile anodizing process, Central control air conditioning system,Mushroom farm central control system ect.
Magnetic bearing chiller cooling capacity range: 100ton to 1000ton;
High efficienct falling-film evaporator.Accurate temperature control +/-0.1℃.
Main shafts of the compressors rotate at high speed 48000RPM without any mechanical contact.
Oil-free design to reduce costs. Oil-free operation eliminates complicated oil system, reducing operational and maintenance costs.
Redundancy design and efficient operation.


Multiple compressors are installed on a shared evaporator and condenser, providing redundancy to ensure efficient operation of the chiller.
Magnetic bearing chiller has high energy efficiency and short payback period. Compared to conventional chillers, KINGFIT Variable Speed High Efficiency Magnetic Bearing Chiller can save 30% or even more. operational costs with a payback period of just 2-3 years.
Environmental friendly, clean and safe. Use environmental friendly refrigerant R134a with zero ODP.
Intelligent control and high efficiency management. Unique PLC features adaptive control logic enables real-time optimization of the system to maintain best efficiency. Control panel has functions of capacity control, status display, fault diagnosis and other automatic control feature to ensure high efficiency management.


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1. High efficiency, at least 30% more energy-saving than screw chillers.

2. Starting current only 2A≈1 bulb to reduce the impact on the grid.

3.30%~100% capacity auto control as a requirement.

4. Low noise.

5. Accurate temperature control to ±0.1℃.

6. Oil-free compressor, reduce operation and maintenance cost. (Avoid oil into the cooling system, which will reduce chiller efficiency 20%~30% after several years of operation).


Cooling Capacity 363KW 530KW 695KW
Max. Input Power 72KW 85KW 125KW
IPLV 10.7 10.7 10.7
Power supply 3Phase 380V/50HZ
Refrigerant: R134a
Condenser High efficient external screwed shell and tube.
Cooling water temperature Inlet 30℃, outlet 35℃
Cooling water flow rate 81m3/h 114m3/h 150m3/h
Evaproator High efficient falling film type.
Chilled water flow rate 62.4m3/h 90.9m3/h 120m3/h
Chilled water temperature Inlet 12℃, outlet 7℃




  1. In Which Field Do You Use The Chiller?
  2. What’s Cooling Capacity Do You Want?
  3. What’s The Requested Outlet Water Temperature?
  4. Which City Of Your Factory Located In? What Is The Ambient Temperature Range There In Summer and Winter?



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