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Kingfit Low Temperature Screw Glycol Chiller

Model Number: QLK120SLFD~QLK960SLFD

MOQ: 1 set

Delivery Time:35days~45 working days

Water-Cooled Chiller Cooling Capacity: 33Ton to273Ton (116kw to 960kw)

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Low Temperature Screw Glycol Chiller

Looking for a chiller that needs extreme low temperature which best fits the chemical industry and metal surface treatments? Look no further with the Kingfit Low-Temperature Glycol Chiller!

Kingfit Group is known for our highly efficient chillers as we use famous brand compressors such as Bitzer, Comor, Hanbell, etc. which guarantees the efficiency and safety of using our glycol chiller for a longer time. Moreover, our evaporation tubes are adopted with patented externally threaded tubes and a design wivessel overheatingth full capacity redundancy to ensure a long time use. This improves the energy efficiency ratio up to 5.3 and 27% less electricity consumption compared to conventional dry-type chillers. 

Our industrial glycol chillers also feature a low-profile and compacted design to help you optimize your system depending on your load point to attain maximum efficiency. The high cooling capacity of 33 ton to 273 ton makes our chillers suitable for your chemical industry and metal surface treatment needs as it requires a tedious process of keeping the equipment cool. 

Chemical IndustryKingfit Low-Temperature Glycol Chiller is widely used in the chemical industry as it comes with a temperature control range of -20°C to +25°C. Most chemical industry processes such as . In this case, our industrial glycol chillers can help in properly process cooling to maintain the operation requirements and yield high-quality products.

Pharmaceutical – Kingfit Low-Temperature Glycol chiller offers cooling water as all pharmaceutical manufacturers utilize process cooling to yield high-quality products. This requires consistency in the regulation of the maximum temperature productivity and secure reliability of the equipment for longer use – with easy operation and no need for sacrificing the quality control of the products. Some examples in the pharmaceutical industry that need this type of glycol chillers are research and development, batch processing, cream and ointment cooling, liquid sterilization, table formation, and packaging. Some important machines include MRI machines, CT scanners, and laboratory reagents.  

Additionally, it comes with an industrial-grade PLC control system that conducts annual simulation tests to assure you that our chillers are guaranteed safe and efficient that you can use for many years that can reduce maintenance and operation costs. 

Surprised with our high specifications? Save time, money, and effort with the Kingfit Low-Temperature Glycol Chiller!

Why choose the Kingfit Low-Temperature Glycol Chiller?

  • Use Comor, Hanbell, Bitzer brand screw compressors. 
  • Easy installation and maintenance. 
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant R404A charged.
  • Wide temperature control range. 
  • Conducts annual climate simulation test.
  • Compact design.
  • Low maintenance rate and low noise. 
  • Convenient cleaning.
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  1. Water Temperature Control Range:  -25°C to 25 °C
  2. Cooling Capacity: 116kw to 960kw (33 TON to 273 TON)
  3. High cooling efficiency water-cooled condenser (shell and tube type)
  4. Full protection: high or low-pressure protection, overload protection, anti-phase.
  5. 2.18 to 2.26 COP
Cooling capacity 116.3KW 134.5KW 190.7KW 201.4KW 220.5KW 238.8KW 288.8KW 317.2KW 338.6KW
33RT) 38RT) (54RT) (57RT) (63RT) (68RT) (82RT) (90RT) (96RT)
Input Power 53.3KW 61.7KW 87KW 91.8KW 99.5KW 107.1KW 127.3KW 141.3KW 150.1KW
COP 2.18 2.18 2.19 2.19 2.22 2.23 2.27 2.24 2.26
Cooling capacity 381.7KW 441KW 477.6KW 577.6KW 634.4KW 677.2KW 763.4KW 834.6KW 952.8KW
(108.5RT) (125RT) (135.8RT) (164RT) (180RT) (192.5RT) (217RT) (237RT) (270.9RT)
Input Power 169KW 199KW 214KW 255KW 283KW 300KW 337KW 372KW 414KW
COP 2.68 2.22 2.23 2.27 2.24 2.26 2.28 2.24 2.3
Remarks: 1. Evaporator: inlet water temperature at -15 ℃, outlet water temperature 20℃;
2. Condenser: inlet water temperature at 30℃, the outlet water temperature at 35℃;
3. The above parameters are subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual chillers.
4. For more information, please leave messages!
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  4. Which City Of Your Factory Located In? What Is The Ambient Temperature Range There In Summer and Winter?
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