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Kingfit Attend CHINAPLAS 2023


Date: April 17~20, 2023.
Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Kingfit Booth No.: 4R15.
Kingfit will display products below and welcome to visit us there!

Magnetic Bearing Chiller
Cooling capacity 100RT to 1360RT (370kw to 4800kw)
  1. High efficiency, at least 40% more energy saving than screw chillers;
  2. Starting current only 2A≈1 bulb to reduce the impact on the grid;
  3. 0%~100% capacity automaticcontrol;
  4. Low noise;
  5. Precise temperature control to ±0.1℃;
  6. Oil free compressor,low operation and maintenance cost;
  7. Environmental friendly. RefrigerantR134a with zero ODP;
  8. Kingfit copyright Intelligent controlsoftware, high efficient

Micro-channel Air Cooled Chiller
cooling capacity 1RT to 15RT (3kw to 40kw)

1.Temperature control range: 5℃ to +25℃;

  1. Copelandscroll compressor;
  2. High efficiency micro-channel coil condenser, 30% heat exchange is increased;
  3. High efficiency 304 stainless steel water tank + copper coil evaporator;
  4. Full protection devices of entire Air cooled chiller;
  5. Environmental friendly refrigerantR410acharged;
  6. Easy installation,less maintenance save cost;
  7. Small size.

Water Cooled Scroll Chiller
Cooling capacity 8.5RT to 34RT (30kw to 120kw)
  1. Temperature control range: -5℃ to +25℃;
  2. Copeland scroll compressor;
  3. High cooling efficiency watercooled condenser;
  4. High efficiency shell and tube evaporator.
  5. Full protection devices of entire water cooled chiller;
  6. Environmental friendly refrigerant R410a charged;
  7. Easy installation, less maintenance save cost;
  8. Stable and durable.
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