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Kingfit at Dutch Mushroom Days 2023

Kingfit is a prominent manufacturer of cooling & heating equipment designed for mushroom industry.It is excited to announce our participation in the Dutch Mushroom Days in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, from May 10-12, 2023.

The event is a great opportunity for Kingfit to showcase its innovative mushroom mobile type cooling machine, which has been designed specifically for the mushroom industry.

Product Features: 
  • Stainless steel material will not get rust
  • Food grade unit with high quality and long service life.
  • Rubber wheels. heavy and load and not easy to be damaged.
  • PLC control system, with english version screen and operation friendly.
  • Easy instaltion , plug and play unit.
  • Cooling capacity range from 30kw to 60kw.
  • Fan capacity range from 9500m3/h to 18000m3/h

The mushroom mobile type cooling machine from Kingfit is an excellent addition to any mushroom farm. It can be used as a standby unit of AHU, ensuring that the mushrooms growing and storage at the right temperature levels. Moreover,during hot summer months, when the old cooling unit is struggling to maintain the set temperature, this mobile cooling machine can provide extra cooling.

Kingfit also provide mushroom air handling unit,magnetic bearing water chillers,mushroom climate control all in one machine,mushroom growing container,heat pump unit ect products for mushroom farms.

If you’re attending the Dutch Mushroom Days in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, be sure to stop by Kingfit’s booth and see the machine for yourself.

And welcome to contact with us online for more details!

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