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Kingfit at Chinaplas 2024: Showcasing Cooling Innovation

Kingfit proudly participated in Chinaplas 2024, the premier event for innovative cooling solutions, held in Hongqiao, Shanghai. At booth no. 2.2D43, we unveiled our latest ZHIMEI series chiller and the advanced magnetic bearing chiller, attracting significant interest and positive feedback from attendees.  

ZHIMEI Series Chiller

Our ZHIMEI series chiller impressed visitors with its compact design, energy efficiency, and superior temperature control capabilities. Ideal for various industries, this chiller ensures precise temperature conditions and reliable performance.

Magnetic Bearing Chiller

The magnetic bearing chiller stood out for its energy-saving properties and low maintenance requirements. Attendees learned about its reduced operational costs, enhanced reliability, and eco-friendly operation. Moreover, this innovative chiller ensures long-term efficiency and minimal downtime. The positive response highlighted our commitment to sustainable cooling solutions.

Kingfit at Chinaplas 2024 allowed us to connect with industry leaders and professionals, sharing insights into our cutting-edge products. Our team highlighted how the ZHIMEI series and magnetic bearing chillers can optimize operations and reduce energy consumption. 

Reflecting on our success at Chinaplas 2024, we are excited about the future. The event reinforced Kingfit’s position as a leader in cooling technology. We showcased our latest ZHIMEI series chiller and magnetic bearing chiller, highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions. The positive feedback from attendees was immensely encouraging.

We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence. Kingfit remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries in cooling technology and meeting the evolving needs of our customers. As we move forward, we are inspired to develop even more advanced and efficient solutions. The future of cooling technology is bright with Kingfit leading the way.

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