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High Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pump

Model Number: QRK255SMK2H ~ QRK720SMK2H

MOQ: 1 set

Delivery Time: 35days~45 working days

Heating Capacity: 250kw~722kw, the hot water temperature at 85℃

Cooling Capacity: 166k~ 482kw, the chilled water temperature at 18℃

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is High Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pump

We know that you’re looking for the best heat pump to meet your needs, and we’ve got just what you desire! Our Kingfit High-Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pumps are perfect if chemical or metal surface treatments are needed.

Kingfit’s dedication to quality and efficiency has made them one of the most popular companies in their industry! We’ve built a loyal customer base by consistently delivering top-notch products that our customers love! Our Kingfit High-Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pump definitely delivers seamless solutions for processes in the aluminum profile oxidation industry. 

Metal Surface Treatment – In metal surface treatments, it is a need to have a steady temperature throughout the process as this determines the quality of the products that it can yield. Mostly the aluminum profile oxidation industry requires accurate temperature control.  Our Kingfit High-Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pump which operates with a heating capacity of 250 KW to 722 KW and a cooling capacity of 166 kW to 482 kW, is perfect to keep your acid solution cool or in proper dissipation of heat.

Our Kingfit High-Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pump works well just as other heat pump functions through heat extraction from a cool space and then transfer to a refrigerant in which the compressor increases the temperature of the heat that achieves a cooler space or a warmer space.  However, our high-temperature screw heat pump makes it advantageous over other conventional chillers as it delivers a superb performance as its evaporators and condensers are made out of corrosion-resistant materials which provides anti-corrosion technology that can directly cool and heats the bath liquid.  Hence, this brings a better heat exchange efficiency. 

Moreover, our Kingfit High-Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pump also adopts a two-stage screw compressor that increases the operating energy efficiency by more than 100% and a maximum water temperature that can reach up to 90°C. It has also a high technology system provided that it comes with industrial-grade intelligent temperature control in which in-person duties are not required anymore!

Convinced with our high-quality screw heat pump? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save more by placing an order now!

Why choose the Kingfit High-Temperature Anti-Corrosion Heat Pump?

  • Better heat exchange. 
  • Waste heat recovery, energy-saving, and environmental protection as you would not worry about heat source.
  • No direct contact with water and electricity.
  • No leakage, low noise, and less vibration.
  • Stable operation. 
  • More than 59.8% energy-saving operation than a natural gas boiler.
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  1. Cooling Capacity: 166 KW to 482 KW, the chilled water temperature at 18°C.
  2. Heating Capacity: 250 KW to 722 KW, the hot water temperature at 85°C.
  3. Corrosion-resistant evaporators and condensers.
  4. Double usage of a machine, which can replace a boiler and an anti-corrosion direct cooling chiller. 
  5. Intelligent control temperature can be set according to requirements, no need for a special person on duty during operation. 
Heating capacity (75℃) 294KW 396KW 543KW 719KW
Cooling capacity (18℃) 177.8KW 233.2KW 309.6KW 339.8KW
Input Power 94KW 126KW 173KW 229KW
COP 5.26 5.29 5.28 5.28
Condenser Inlet water 70℃, outlet water temperature 75℃
50.4m3/h 67.9m3/h 93.1m3/h 123.3m3/h
Evaporator Inlet water 20℃, outlet water temperature 18℃
85.7m3/h 115.7m3/h 158.6m3/h 210m3/h
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