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Kingfit High Temperature Heat Pump

Model number: QRK255SMK2H ~ QRK720SMK2H;


Deliver time:35days~45 working days

Heating capacity: 250kw~722kw, the hot water temperature at 85℃;

Cooling capacity: 166k~ 482kw, the chilled water temperature at 18℃.

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is High Temperature Heat Pump?

Anti-corrosion heat pump is suitable for electrophoresis, electroplating, and aluminum profile anodizing line, which can achieve a perfect combination.

The cold side temperature can be controlled between 18°C and 22°C for the anodizing tank cooling process; the hot side temperature is as high as 75°C for acid etching, alkali etching, pure water washing, sealing and other heating processes.

The super-high temperature anti-corrosion heat pump adopts a two-stage screw compressor, and its operating energy efficiency is increased by more than 10% compared with ordinary high temperature heat pumps under the same working conditions, and the maximum water temperature can reach 90°C.

  1. The evaporatorsand condensers are all made of anti-corrosion materials, which can directly heat and cool the bath liquid, and the heat exchange effect is better.
  2. Double usage of a machine, which can replace a boiler and an anti-corrosiondirect cooling chiller.
  3. Waste heat recovery, energy saving and environmental protection, no need to worry about heat source.
  4. No direct contact with water and electricity, no leakage danger, low noise, stable operation.
  5. Intelligent control temperature can be set according to requirements, no need special person on duty during operation.

Energy-saving operation, more than 59.8% energy saving than natural gas boiler.  The operating cost is equivalent to 0.6 yuan /m³ natural gas.

Heating capacity (75℃) 294KW 396KW 543KW 719KW
Cooling capacity (18℃) 177.8KW 233.2KW 309.6KW 339.8KW
Input Power 94KW 126KW 173KW 229KW
COP 5.26 5.29 5.28 5.28
Condenser Inlet water 70℃, outlet water temperature 75℃
50.4m3/h 67.9m3/h 93.1m3/h 123.3m3/h
Evaporator Inlet water 20℃, outlet water temperature 18℃
85.7m3/h 115.7m3/h 158.6m3/h 210m3/h


  1. In which field do you use this heat pump?
  2. What heating capacity do you want?
  3. What’s the requested outlet water temperature?

4. Which city of your factory located? What is the ambient temperature range there in summer and winter?

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