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Kingfit High Temperature Heat Pump

Model number: QRK255SMK2H ~ QRK720SMK2H;


Deliver time:35days~45 working days

Heating capacity: 250kw~722kw, the hot water temperature at 85℃;

Cooling capacity: 166k~ 482kw, the chilled water temperature at 18℃.

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is High Temperature Heat Pump?

Do you need a high-temperature heat pump that can handle the demands of your chemical industry? The Kingfit High-Temperature Heat Pump is just what you’re looking for!

Aluminum Profile AnodizingAt Kingfit, we are committed to providing you with highly efficient chillers from which you are free to choose according to your needs. Our Kingfit High-Temperature Heat Pump offers you a wide range of heating and cooling capacities that can cater to different process needs with varying temperatures. It comes with a cooling capacity of 166 kW to 482 kW in which the chilled temperature is at 18°C which is perfect for anodizing tank cooling process, and a heating capacity of 250 KW to 722 KW with the hot water temperature at 85°C which is suitable for acid etching, alkali etching, pure water washing, sealing, and more! Moreover, the aluminum is exposed to high temperatures in order to create an oxide layer on the surface of the metal. This layer helps to protect the aluminum from corrosion and other forms of damage. High-temperature heat pumps are an essential part of this process, and they can help to improve the quality of the final product.

Additionally, our Kingfit temperature heat pump has an anti-corrosion technology and provides increased efficiency up to 10% or more with high water temperatures up to 90°C.

Kingfit’s high specifications are the perfect match for your chemical industry needs! Get in touch with us today at Kingfit while supplies last.

Why choose the Kingfit High-Temperature Heat Pump?

  • Double usage of a machine that can replace a boiler and an anti-corrosion direct cooling chiller. 
  • Waste heat recovery, energy-saving, and environmental protection. 
  • No direct contact with water and electricity.
  • No leakage, low noise, and less vibration.
  • Stable operation. 
  • Save more than 58.8% energy than a natural gas boiler.
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  1. Cooling Capacity: 166 kW to 482 kW, the chilled water temperature at 18°C.
  2. Heating Capacity: 250 kW to 722 kW, the hot water temperature at 85°C.
  3. Anti-corrosion evaporators and condensers can directly heat and cool the bath liquid.
  4. Better heat transfer.
  5. Intelligent control temperature system. 
  6. 5.26 to 5.28 COP.
Heating capacity (75℃) 294KW 396KW 543KW 719KW
Cooling capacity (18℃) 177.8KW 233.2KW 309.6KW 339.8KW
Input Power 94KW 126KW 173KW 229KW
COP 5.26 5.29 5.28 5.28
Condenser Inlet water 70℃, outlet water temperature 75℃
50.4m3/h 67.9m3/h 93.1m3/h 123.3m3/h
Evaporator Inlet water 20℃, outlet water temperature 18℃
85.7m3/h 115.7m3/h 158.6m3/h 210m3/h


  1. In which field do you use this heat pump?
  2. What heating capacity do you want?
  3. What’s the requested outlet water temperature?

4. Which city of your factory located? What is the ambient temperature range there in summer and winter?

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