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Grain cooling: the definitive solution to grain storing

Grain and seed storing is a complex task. Associated typical difficulties to grain storing process are: weight and quality losses because of metabolic respiration of product -the larger of them the higher temperature and moisture, insects, fungi, mycotoxins, etc. Mentioned troubles have been for many years considered as non avoidable, and they had been facing but only partially solved by means of over drying of product for safety reasons, turning off the grains, chemical fumigation against insects, and some other practices.

grain chiller

The KINGFIT GRAIN CHILLER, minimizes the mentioned problems and stands for the cleanest, safest and most natural and ecological method for conserving grains, seeds and most kinds of perishable granulated products.

Why use this system?

The grain, even after harvested, still keeps on breathing. This breathing is a combustion chemical process where the grain converts its own mass into carbon dioxide and water, which in turn heats up and re-wets the grain, accelerating the product self-destruction. This non-reversible process of respiration increases at higher temperatures and moistures of the grain. By the proper use of refrigeration, the mentioned grain damaging process is minimized and kept under control. The grain, once chilled, keeps its low temperature for a long time, without the need for continuous cooling. Direct consequences of non-controlled storing of wet grain are the appearance of fungi and toxins, which are very dangerous for the health of humans and animals. The proper storing of grain by means of chilled and dry air fix completely or widely minimize the problem.

At ambient temperatures of 15º C and higher, the insects develop, infesting and devastating the stored product. As well as the weight loss also, the insect activity increases with temperature rise, up to a maximum level around 35º C, depending on varieties. Under 15º C, the insects do not develop so it is not necessary to perform any dangerous, expensive, poisonous chemical treatment.

In the case of seed storing, the preservation of their germinating potential is the most important goal. An adequate preservation of seeds, at low temperature and moisture levels results indispensable. Oilseeds and grains with high fat content, particularly benefit from adequate preservation by means of refrigeration. On the contrary, the heat rottens the oils, thus damaging the product in a non-reversible way. Less fissured or cracked grains, better quality grain, …, and many other benefits have been demonstrated along with many years of experience in the grain refrigeration technique by means of the Kingfit Grain Chiller.

grain chillers

The Kingfit Grain Chiller units are special, compact, mobile grain chillers, delivered completely assembled and tested, ready for start-up, requiring only electric energy for operation. The units work automatically according to the settings of the operator, not needing special surveillance. Each unit has all necessary safety switches and conforms to all regulations that apply. The Kingfit Grain Chiller units use the latest technology available, thus getting the highest cost-efficiency possible.

Our production range covers all the needs, with capacities starting from 39 up to more than 139 KW of grain per unit. Hundreds of units installed in many countries are our references.

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