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Kingfit Grain Cooler

Model number: QGL-45FA ~ QGL-150FA

MOQ: 1set

Delivery time: 30days~45days

Cooling capacity:38kw~139kw

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Grain Cooler

Grain cooler
The most natural and cost-effective way to preserve all kinds of grains, seeds, and perishable granular products.

Avoids typical problems of grain storing: heat development, insect activity, product fermentation, molds, toxins, weight loss because of grain metabolism, water condensation. Grain chilling permits higher grain moisture contents, without risk. With the use of a cooling procedure, expensive and dangerous chemical fumigation is avoided.

The product is stored in the best possible condition. The operating costs of grain chilling are cheaper than traditional ones.

The cooling system is especially recommended for rice, maize, wheat, barley, soya beans, sunflower seeds, sorghum, cotton seeds, green coffee beans, lucerne pellets, feed pellets, etc.

The refrigeration can be used in silos and warehouses. In silos, the cooler air outlet is connected to the existing aeration inlet pipe. The use of the cooling system is usually immediate, and no additional works are necessary.

In warehouses, an on-floor or under-floor duct system has to be previously arranged. Our technical department will gladly offer you support.

How it Works

The cold air produced by the KINGFIT Grain cooler unit is introduced at the bottom of the silo. This air begins to cool the bottom layer of grain. The air pushes the heat to pass upwards through the mass of grain and escapes as warm exhaust air. As the cooling process develops, a cooling zone is formed and slowly moves up through the grain.

The cooling operation is completed as soon as the escaping air is cold. The same sequence occurs in the case of flat storage plants. Grain is a band heat transmitter, in other words, it is a good insulator material. The radiation of heat from the outside is of little influence, even if stored inside steel silos or warehouses. For this reason, no insulation of walls is required.

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1. Prevention from insect development & fungi.
2. No chemical treatment.
3. Partial drying effect.
4. Reduction of dry substance loss.
5. Works independent of ambient conditions.
6. Keeps the fresh harvest scent.
7. No yellow-colored rice.

Nominal condition cooling capcity (kw) 38 59.42 68.84 89.13 103.26 139
Nominal conditions air volume (m3/h) 4000 7000 9000 10000 12000 14000
Air volume range (m3/h) 4000~7000 5000~10000 5000~15000 5000~20000
Working fluid filling volume (R22/R410A kg) 9 12 15 28 33 36
Power Supply 380v/50hz/3phase
Input power (kw) Compressor 11.81 15.74 18.1 23.62 27.15 36.4
Blower 5.5 5.5 5.5 11 11 11
Condencer fan 0.52×2 0.52×3 0.52×3 0.52×6 0.52×6 0.52×6
Total power 16.35 22.8 25.16 37.74 41.27 50.52
Working current(A) 49.65 60.01 66.21 99.31 108.6 142
Wire (mm2) 16 16 16 25 35 35
Air duct diameter(mm) 500 600
Machine unit dimension(mm) Length 3800 3800 3800 4000 4000 4000
width 1600 1600 1600 1700 1700 1700
height 2300 2300 2300 2450 2450 2450
Machine net weight(KG) 1290 1650 1820 2150 2360 2780
Outlet air temperature (deg.c) 7~18
Outlet air Humidity (%) 65~90
Dehumidication By heating coil
Blower air pressure (Pa) 2000
Controller Siemens PLC Auto control
Blower With frequency inverter automatic control air volume
Main Electrical components Schneider
Standard machine frame With wheels and handle
Note: Nominal conditions: Inlet air temperature 27, RH 81%, Outlet air temperature 12, RH 75%, Static pressure 980Pa.


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  1. Total storage capacity provided for cooling:
  2. Dimensions and number of silo cells or warehouse:
  3. Product to be cooled:
  4. Average harvest moisture content (at intake):
  5. Installation site climatic conditions:

– Maximum temperature:

– Minimum temperature:

– Average relative humidity of the air:

  1. Voltage and frequency, special regulations:
  2. Country in which the unit(s) is (are) planned to be installed:
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