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Kingfit chillers

Food and Beverage Chillers


ZhiMei Series small chiller

Cooling capacity range:2.6kw~39.2kw

Input power range:1.3kw~13.7kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Air cooled water chiller

Cooling capacity range:5.7kw~125.6kw

Input power range:2kw~37.6kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Water cooled chiller

Cooling capacity range:28kw~119.6kw

Input power range:6.1kw~24.7kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Meglev water chiller

Cooling capacity range:363kw~3464kw

Input power range:72kw~576kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Screw chiller

Cooling capacity range:91.9kw~3461kw

Input power range:22.2kw~629.4kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

What’s the min. Outlet temperature?

Kingfit glycol chiller minimum outlet temperature -30deg. c.

What type of glycol should I use?

We recommend 100% ethylene glycol at a mix rate of 1 part glycol to 2 to 3 parts distilled water. The concentration is about 25% to 30%.

How often should I change the glycol solution?

As good practice to maintain your glycol chiller, we recommend changing the glycol solution out twice per year. 

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