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Kingfit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller


MOQ: 1 set

Delivery Time: 45days-60 working days

Cooling Capacity: 180kw to 700kw

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller

Wondering which evaporative cooling system is best for your chemical or indoor farming needs? We’ve got you covered! Our Kingfit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chillers will keep anything from cultivating plants and chemical processes with complete efficiency.

The Kingfit Group is the leading manufacturer of high-quality and highly efficient chillers that make them perfect for any type of application. We used a low-profile design for users to operate the chiller with ease.  In addition, we also incorporated a highly efficient oil-free falling film evaporator and condenser for a more sustainable and efficient heat energy transfer.

Chemical Industry – Chillers are widely known to be a helpful machine in removing the heat away from your equipment.  However, the application of the King fit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller is on the usage of indirect cooling which provides chilled water to the reactor for cooling. Hence, it is suitable for your needs as it has water and gas utilization that supports condensed water recycling which enables you to save more energy and water!

Indoor Farming – Crops like mushrooms, cannabis, fruits, and vegetables are mostly cultivated in indoor farming. Indoor farming means that the natural climate parameters are absent as man-made equipment is utilized to grow a crop. Often, climate parameters such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Our Kingfit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller is perfect for indoor farming with its cooling capacity of 180 KW to 700 KW and precise temperature control that responds to 0-100% load changes in different seasons! Moreover, it is realized as a multi-functional air cooler but it is used as a cooling host to maintain the temperature.  


Our Kingfit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller is one of the magnetic bearing chiller types that we offer. It has 6 models from which you can choose depending on the cooling capacity, maximum input power, standard type, or low-temperature type. Mainly, a magnetic bearing chiller works by allowing compressors to operate without the need for oil lubrication. However, what makes our Kingfit evaporative magnetic bearing chiller special from other magnetic bearing chillers is the utilization of an oil-free maglev compressor cooling technology through water recycling and saving for efficient cooling with low condensing temperature. Hence, this improves energy efficiency while being environmentally friendly. 

Moreover, our Kingfit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller also comes with self-contained cooling water treatment and high technology system that enables full frequency conversion and precise temperature control! 

Convinced with our energy-saving magnetic bearing chiller? Inquire now at Kingfit Group and get your own Kingfit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller!

Why choose the Kingfit Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Chiller?

  • Low condensing temperature saves energy.
  • No oil operation, low failure rate, low maintenance cost.
  • Simplified design so no need for a machine room and a cooling tower.
  • Drastically reduce system water consumption by 50%.
  • Easy to install as you only need water and electricity access. 
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  1. Cooling Capacity: 180 KW to 700 KW
  2. Simplified system design.
  3. Oil-free maglev compressor.
  4. Full frequency conversion and precise temperature control. 
  5. Self-contained cooling water treatment system.
  6. Nano anti-corrosion and hydrophilic self-cleaning technology. 
Evaporative Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller
Model Standard Type Low-Temperature Type Ultra-low Temperature Type
Cooling Capacity 364KW 530KW 700KW 240KW 180KW 360KW
Max. Input Power 72KW 96KW 127KW 68.2KW 100KW 200KW
IPLV 10.7 10.7 10.7 7.1 3.5 3.5
Power supply 3Phase 380V/50HZ
Refrigerant: R134a
Condenser Frequency falling-film evaporative condenser.
Evaporator High efficient shell and tube type.
Chilled water flow rate 63m3/h 90.9m3/h 120.4m3/h 91.2m3/h 40.5m3/h 80.5m3/h
Chilled water temperature Inlet 12℃, outlet 7℃ Inlet -2.5℃, outlet -5℃ Inlet -10℃, outlet -15℃
1. Built-in frequency chilled water pump.
2. Ambient Dry bulb/ Wet bulb temperature 35℃/26℃, Cooling water temperature 30℃.
3. The nominal input power includes a compressor, the cooling water circulation pump, and condensing fan motor.
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