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Professional Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Manufacturer in China


MOQ: 1 set

Delivery Time: 10days-30days

Cooling Capacity: 2 Ton to 30Ton (8kw to 100kw)

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Direct Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

Kingfit manufacturers chiller systems: air-cooled scroll chillers, which are fabricated with globally renowned scroll compressors from Copeland, Schneider electrical components, the evaporator heat exchange tubes are made of corrosion-resistant Titanium alloy, only the highest quality materials used and that made by workers with the most experience and knowledge in the industry.

Kingfit range of chillers is fully microprocessor-based and suitable for industrial processes and production machinery applications from +20℃ up to -5℃ and single chiller has cooling capacity from 8kw to 100kw (2ton to 30ton).

Kingfit industrial chillers serve the following applications like metal surface finishing (anodizing, hard anodizing, electroplating (chrome plating, zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating), paint coating, etc).

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1. Temperature control range: -5℃ to +25℃.

2. Copeland scroll compressor.

3. High cooling efficiency air-cooled condenser.

4. High-efficiency corrosion-resistant shell and tube evaporator.

5. Full protection devices of the entire air-cooled chiller.

6. Environmental friendly refrigerant R410a charged.

7. Easy installation, less maintenance save cost.

8. Up to 12 months of warranty time since delivery.

Direct Cooling Air Cooled Chiller
Cooling Capacity: 5.7kw 7.46kw 12.7kw 25.4kw 39.2kw
COP 3.08 3.04 3.11 3.11 3.21
Input power 1.85kw 2.21kw 3.71kw 7.42kw 10.8kw
Compressor: Panasonic Copeland
Condenser: High efficient Fin + Copper coil type
Evaporator: Tank + copper coil. High efficient shell & tube
Chilled water flow rate: 16.3L/min 21.3L/min 36.4L/min 72.8L/min 112L/min
Cooling Capacity: 52.5kw 58.8kw 78.4kw 94.2kw 125.6kw
COP 3.21 3.32 3.25 3.31 3.34
Input power 14.88kw 16.2kw 21.6kw 25.5kw 34kw
Compressor: Copeland
Condenser: High efficient Fin + Copper coil type
Evaporator: High efficient shell & tube
Chilled water flow rate: 150L/min 169L/min 225L/min 270L/min 360L/min
Refrigerant: R410A.
Chilled water outlet temperature at 7℃
Ambient temperature below:35℃
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  1. In Which Field Do You Use The Chiller?
  2. What’s Cooling Capacity Do You Want?
  3. What’s The Requested Outlet Water Temperature?
  4. Which City Of Your Factory Located In? What Is The Ambient Temperature Range There In Summer and Winter?
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