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Kingfit Cold Room

Model number: QFLKxxFL,QFLKxxFD,QFLKxxFJ

MOQ: 1set

Deliver time: 45~60days

Temperature range:-40C~30C

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Cold Room

Looking for a storage room that can act as a cold room? Look no further as Kingfit Cold Room is here!

Cold Rooms – cold rooms are used in many industries such as food,beverage,medicines,food aquatic,hotel,restaurants and food processing. Its main function is to store items that are temperature sensitive. This means being stored through maintenance of temperature is the key to preventing the items from spoilage or further damage. Medicine products like vaccines also use cold storage to lessen the possibility risk of bacterial infections. Hence,Kingfit Cold Room is suitable for your needs as it has a temperature range of -40°C to 30°C!

Kingfit Cold Room has 2 types refrigeration units that you can choose from Full-hermetic Box Type Condensing Units and Semi-hermetic Condensing Units. The former uses globally renowned compressors for high operation reliability. On the other hand, the latter has a Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor and air-cooled copper-aluminum fin or high efficient shell tube water-cooled condenser. 

It also has its air cooler series which you can choose from 3 series with different designs and specifications that are adjustable depending on the temperature range. Nevertheless, all units manifest a compact structure, lightweight, and small installation space for easy installation and maintenance. 

Moreover, it has an integrated series that combines both the refrigeration units and air cooler series features. Hence, this series has a compact and lightweight design like the air cooler units but also incorporates the hermetic compressor and highly efficient internal grooved copper-aluminum heat exchanger fins. 

Last but not the least,Kingfit Cold Room is made with a highly advanced technology system as it incorporates a system alarm function and control board for better management. This can also increase productivity as you wouldn’t need any extra labor to utilize our cold rooms.

Amazed with the high-quality and multi-use unit? Don’t wait for more and grab your own Kingfit Cold Room now!

Why choose the Kingfit Cold Room?

  • Low profile design that is easy to install and maintain.
  • Low noise.
  • Highly efficient shell-tube water-cooled condenser.
  • Adjustable fin distance for different temperatures.
  • System alarm and control board for better management and operation. 


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  1. Temperature Range: -40°C to 30°C
  2. Customized size and temperature range.
  3. Copeland or Bitzer condensing unit
  4. Full set design with all accessories.
  5. Provides free drawing for installation and technical guide online. 
  6. Pu panel thickness 50 mm to 200 mm is an option.

Teamwork Cold Room Parts


1. Which fields do you plan to use in this cold room?

2. What is the size of your cold room?

3. How many rooms do you plan to build?

4. What is the room temperature required?

5. What is the 3phase power supply there?

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