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Kingfit Split Type Mushroom Climate Control Machine

Tel: Split type Mushroom Climate Control Machine

Model Number: QSF08FC~QSF72FC/ QSF05FZ~QSF46FZ

MOQ: 1 set

Deliver Time: 30days~45days

Cooling Capacity: 5kw~72kw

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Split Type Mushroom Climate Control Machine

Split Type Outdoor Unit:

  1. Fully enclosed scroll compressor unit, running more stable;
  2. Both with air-cooled/water-cooled machine models;
  3. Each warehouse is individually equipped with a set of parallel refrigeration systems to ensure that production is not affected;
  4. No need for manual adjustment, automatic constant temperature operation, temperature control device precise temperature control;
  5. Box-type structure, beautiful appearance, quick installation, can be used when connecting refrigeration pipelines;
  6. The indoor fan micro-circulation function creates a balanced growth environment.

Special Type Indoor Unit:

  1. The outer casing is spray-coated, corrosion-resistant, and beautiful in appearance.
  2. The coils are arranged in a staggered manner, and the heat transfer effect is high. The aluminum fins are sleeved on the copper tubes through the mechanical expansion tube.
  3. The product is factory wiring, all wiring is placed in a junction box for easy installation and maintenance.
  4. The drain joint is provided at the lowest point in the center of the drain pan, and the drainage is reliable.
  5. Through hanger, easy to install.
  6. U-shaped tubular stainless steel tube and magnesia electric heating tube are placed in the coil, and the defrost effect is good.
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  1. Small size, save shipment cost.
  2. Auto control system.
  3. Easy installation, a similar system as AC unit.
  4. Auto fault detection function.
Cooling Capacity: 8KW 13KW 27KW 31KW 38KW 53KW 61KW
Room temperature 12℃~14℃
Input power 2.38KW 3.92KW 7.89KW 9.07KW 11.64KW 15.78KW 18.14KW
For grow rooms
Cooling Capacity: 6KW 10KW 20KW 24KW 29KW 41KW 47KW
Room temperature 0℃~1℃
Input power 2.36KW 3.89KW 7.83KW 9KW 11.55KW 15.6KW 18KW
Refrigerant: R22, R410A.
Ambient temperature below: 45℃
For cold storage rooms


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  2. What Is The Size of Your Grow Room or Cold Room?
  3. How Many Rooms Do You Plan to Build?
  4. What Is The Room Temperature Required?
  5. What Is The 3-Phase Power Supply There?
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