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Kingfit Climate Control Machine - All In One

Model Number: QSB08FC~ QSB72FC/QSB33SC~QSB80SC

MOQ: 1 set

Delivery Time: 30days~45days

Cooling Capacity: 2.3Ton~20Ton (8kw~71kw)

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Climate Control Machine - All In One

Kingfit climate control machine is used for indoor farming climate control system. Including mushrooms, cannabis, vegetables and

fruits growing.

Full functions of this unit include automatic control of room temperature, humidity, CO2, and light.

It’s suited for both small and big grow rooms with different models.

All in one type design, don’t need work with the water system.

With air ducts system for better air distribution to improve product quality.

Fresh air damper with F5 air filters and overpressure louvers with G3 air filters to ensure grow room always clean.

Machine both with cooling and heating function, meet the requirement of growing room temperature needs.

If you plan to start an indoor farming project, please contact us for details about this climate control machine. We will send detailed information with pictures and videos to you.

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1. Accurate control temperature ±0.5℃.

2. Auto control temperature, humidity, CO2, and light.

3. With air filters, with fresh air damper and overpressure louver.

4. With energy-saving mode cooling by fresh air.

5. Auto growing phases.

6. Easy for installation, plug, and play-type unit.

Cooling Capacity: 8KW 13KW 28KW 32KW 41KW 58KW 64KW
Room temperature 12℃~14℃
Input power 3.51KW 5.27KW 10.88KW 13.31KW 16.21KW 22.99KW 25.44KW
Air Volume 1800m3/h 3000m3/h 6000m3/h 7000m3/h 10000m3/h 12000m3/h 15000m3/h
Refrigerant: R22/R410A.
Ambient temperature below:35℃
Air cooled type unit
Cooling Capacity: 31KW 36KW 46KW 62KW 71KW
Room temperature 12℃~14℃
Input power 6.35KW 7.2KW 9.53KW 12.7KW 14.4KW
Air Volume 6000m3/h 7000m3/h 10000m3/h 12000m3/h 15000m3/h
Refrigerant: R22/R410A.
Cooling water inlet temperature:30℃, outlet temperature 35℃
Water-cooled type unit


1. What Kind of Plant Do You Plan to Grow?

2. What Is The Size of Your Grow Rooms?

3. How Many Rooms Do You Plan to Build?

4. For Mushroom Growing, How Many Tons of Compost or Substrate Put in Each Grow Room?

5. For Cannabis, Vegetables, and Fruits Cultivation, How Many Led Light Each Room?

6. Which City of Your Farm Located In? What are The Ambient Temperature and Humidity Ranges There In Summer and Winter?

7. Any Layout of Your Farm?

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