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Kingfit chillers
Air cooled water chiller

Cooling capacity range:5.7kw~125.6kw

Input power range:2kw~37.6kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Water Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity range:28kw~119.6kw

Input power range:6.1kw~24.7kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Air source Heat pump unit

Cooling/Heating capacity range:65kw~130kw/70kw~145kw

Input power range:19.5kw~39.5kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C;40C/45C

Screw chiller

Cooling capacity range:91.9kw~3461kw

Input power range:22.2kw~629.4kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Magnetic bearing chiller

Cooling capacity range:363kw~3464kw

Input power range:72kw~576kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Evaporative type magnetic bearing chiller

Cooling capacity:530kw

Input power:96A

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

What Is Chemical Industry Chiller?

Chemical industry chiller removes unnecessary or unnecessary heat from the process to keep the operation running smoothly. For example, if the vessel overheats, this can damage the material, the product being manufactured, and even the vessels. In this case, process cooling cools the vessel to protect the vessel and materials and maintain the operating required temperature for the industrial process. In many industries, proper process cooling is the difference between quality products and damaged products.

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