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Why Use Cold Room?

Cold room is refrigerated storage facilities designed to maintain a temperature-controlled environment for perishable goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. They are an essential component of modern supply chains and play a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of products during storage and transportation. Cold room is used in large industrial …

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Solutions of Grain Storage

Solutions for Protecting Stored Grains from Fungi, Pests, and Insects

Grain and seed storage is a massive task due to the numerous frequent issues involved. Among the most important are the effects of metabolic respiration on quality and weight loss. Moreover, new insect, fungal, and mycotoxic species have emerged. These problems have persisted for a long time, and humans continue to create grain storage solutions. …

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Top 10 Techniques to Maintain High Efficiency Chiller

Cover-Top 10 Techniques to Maintain High Efficiency Chiller

You’re probably looking for high-efficiency chillers!You must to know that chiller efficiencies have improved significantly during the past 10 years, mostly as a result of new refrigerants and microprocessor controls, as well as improved compressor and motor design. However, high-tech chillers have narrower tolerances, so that service and upkeep are more crucial than ever for …

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