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Air Source Heat Pumps For Commercial, Industrial & Businesses

Air Source Heat Pumps Production line

Reduce your commercial heating bills and lower the carbon footprint of your industrial units by investing in state of the art air-to-air heat pump installations from Kingfit.

If you have been searching for a cost-effective yet highly efficient method of regulating the temperature within your commercial or industrial organization, then our Kingfit air source heat pumps could offer you an eminently viable, long term solution. Fitted by our team of fully certified heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineers, these air source heat pump systems provide a continuous thermal regulatory source by absorbing heat from the air surrounding the facility in question; similar to the way that the heat inside a fridge is absorbed by the refrigerant, which in turn cools down the air.

In this manner, our heat pump systems are far more cost-effective and ecologically responsible than conventional electrical heating systems, due to the fact that the heat absorbed from the air is constantly being regenerated by natural reserves. This same principle applies to water source and ground source heat pump systems. Although these various heat pump systems require a modest amount of electricity to run, they can offer dramatic savings for your business compared to the cost of maintaining and fulling your existing electrical heating systems.

Air Source Heat Pumps Feature

In terms of air conditioning, the Kingfit Modular Air Source Heat Pump is a flexible and effective choice. It is a very efficient alternative since it can automatically adjust the number of compressors based on the air conditioning load. Additionally, because of its modular construction, it is simple to install in the majority of industrial situations. In order to create a comfortable working atmosphere, the heat pump also offers high-performance air conditioning by controlling the temperature with a cooling effect. Additionally, it offers solutions for various industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) needs.

Kingfit Air Source Heat Pump can be used for a variety of purposes, including controlling the temperature in industrial plants, agricultural plantings, communal heating systems, hosting air conditioning systems in commercial buildings, and more. A low ambient temperature heat pump is also an option; it can be used for low-temperature heating at minus 25 degrees in the winter.

Impressed by the high-tech features of the Kingfit Air Source Heat Pump? Order now at Kingfit to get yours! Our sales experts will answer you immediately.

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