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Air Handling Unit for Mushroom Growing

Air Handling Unit (AHU) is the most important part of environmental equipment used for growing mushrooms. Mushrooms are like humans, they consume O₂ from air and produce CO₂. We need to supply enough air to mushrooms to let them breathe as well as effectively remove CO₂ away from them.

AHU for mushroom

Besides providing the mushrooms with air, we need to dry or wet, to chill or heat the air depending on outside climate conditions and growing subphase. All of these functions should be fully provided by AHU with set precision. When ordering a control system for the growing rooms, the grower should understand that even the most advanced control system without properly designed AHU is just a waste of money.** NOTE!

AHU design for growing mushrooms is different to standard AHU used for office or industrial HVAC applications.


Air Handling System for Mushroom Cultivation is used to treat the inside air to get the maximum productivity of mushrooms.

This also includes automatic control of Carbon-di-oxide (CO₂) which is a highly important aspect of mushroom cultivation as mushrooms breath in Oxygen and expel Carbon-di-oxide (CO₂).

Our Air Handling Systems for Mushroom Cultivation which maintains required fresh air intake are manufactured from finest of raw materials available in the market with high precision tools.


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