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Kingfit Air Cooler - Split Type Indoor Unit

Model Number: QDL30F/L~QDL185F/L; QDL30F/D~QDL160F/D

MOQ: 1 set

Deliver Time: 30days

Cooling Capacity: 4.7kw~38.1kw

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Air Cooler - Split Type Indoor Unit

Here’s a great solution if you’re looking for an air-cooled split-type indoor unit – the Kingfity Air Cooled Split Type Indoor Unit!

Indoor Farming – Crops that are usually grown through indoor farming are mushrooms, cannabis, fruits, and vegetables. Since they do not have direct access to the natural climate requirements in order for a crop to grow, it is a must to have a machine or unit that can adhere to all the climate parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and light to yield high-quality crops. Hence, our Kingfit Air Cooled-Split Type Indoor Unit is suitable for your indoor farming needs as it has an auto-control system that can help you manage and control your climate parameters according to the crops’ requirements!

Cold Rooms – Cold rooms are generally refrigerated chamber which has a wide range of temperatures in order to store temperature-sensitive items such as perishable items or any products that need to be stored at a steady temperature to prevent degradation or further damage. It is usually needed in production companies, especially a production consisting of bulk items needed to be stored at the same time. Hence, our Kingfit Air-Cooled-Split Type Indoor Unit is suitable for your needs as it has a cooling capacity of 4 KW to 38.1 KW!

Our Kingfit Air-Cooled Split Type Unit has a good design thanks to our engineering and design experts. It is incorporated with an outer casing that is corrosion-resistant and sprays coated which appears pleasant. Moreover, all the wiring is placed in a junction box for easy installation and maintenance. It also has a U-shaped copper tube and magnesia electric heating tube that is coiled to enable efficient defrosting.

Convinced with the high specifications? Don’t wait for more and order now your own Kingfit Air Cooled-Split Type Indoor Unit!

Why choose the Kingfit Split Type Mushroom Climate Control Machine?

  • Low profile design that is easy to install and maintain. 
  • The small size reduces shipment costs. 
  • Auto control system.
  • Auto fault detection function. 
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  1. Cooling Capacity: 4.7 KW to 38.1 KW
  2. High heat transfer effect. 
  3. Drain joint is provided at the lowest point in the center of the drain pan to ensure reliable drainage. 


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  3. How Many Rooms Do You Plan to Build?
  4. What Is The Room Temperature Required?
  5. What Is The 3-Phase Power Supply There?
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