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Kingfit Air Cooler For Powder Processing Line

Model number: QFM300S~QFM1200S

MOQ: 1set

Deliver time: 30days~45 working days

Powder production capacity: 300KGS~1200KGS

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Air Cooler For Powder Processing Line

This is special cooling equipment for powder processing cooling.

This unit with a full cooling system including a compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

The processed powder is high temperature, the hot powder will condense if the cooling area is not cooled. The rapidly cooling method brings you obvious effects in terms of production efficiency and cost.

1. One unit for multiple purposes: integrated design, the unit can provide low-temperature cold air, low-temperature cold water and post air supply at the same time, and one unit can meet the cooling needs of the entire line;

2. Easy installation: the air-cooled integrated machine does not require auxiliary equipment such as cooling towers;

3. One-key start: simple operation, remote control, the operator can predict the real-time operating status of the unit;

4. Cost saving: only one unit can be installed to meet the cooling demand of the entire production line, and the installation cost is lower;

5. The water content of the outlet air is as low as 3.6g/m3, as as to improve the dryness of the powder;

6. Two-stage temperature control: the fluctuation of the outlet air temperature is small, and the overall quality of the powder is guaranteed;

7. Safe and reliable: supply fresh air to the post, which can isolate the dust environment and ensure the health of the staff;

8. Patented technology: a number of patents, the performance is greatly improved.

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  1. In which field do you use this air cooler?
  2. What’s the capacity of your production line?
  3. What is the outlet air temperature required?
  4. What’s the 3phase voltage there?
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