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Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

Model: QLB6FC – QLB130FC

MOQ: 1 set

Delivery Time: 10days-30days

Cooling Capacity: 2 Ton to 40Ton (6kw to 130kw).

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

The search for the perfect scroll chiller is over! Our Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Chiller will do wonders to cool your business needs.

With the Kingfit Group, you can be assured of a durable chiller thanks to our globally renowned scroll compressors from Copeland, Schneider electrical components, and high-quality parts. We have been in this industry for years because we know what it takes – not just how many chillers or tonnage but also their efficiency! Our company values are built on the belief that happy customers make for a successful business. We work hard at achieving this commitment, and we hope you will be one of our many satisfied clients!

The Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Chiller is the perfect choice for any processing needs that require accurate temperature control. With a cooling capacity of between 2 tons and 40 tons, this machine can easily handle anything you throw at it! Moreover, it has high cooling efficiency air-cooled condenser and a high-efficiency stainless steel tank and copper coil evaporator for better collection of heat and cooling effect. It is also easy to install and maintain which can save you from operational and maintenance costs! 

Rubber and Plastic – Scroll chillers are an essential part of rubber and plastic processing, as they help to keep equipment cool and prevent damage from overheating. The Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Chiller is one of the best on the market, due to its air cooling technology. This helps to increase the chiller’s lifespan, as well as its efficiency. In addition, the scroll chiller is also perfect for cooling down thermoplastic materials, as it provides accurate temperature control. As a result, using the Kingfit scroll chiller can help maximize your productivity and save you energy in the long run. Some applications include injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extrusion molding machine, PET blowing machines, packing machines, printing machines, and many more! 

Food and Beverage –The Kingfit Air cooled scroll chiller is an essential piece of equipment for any food and beverage business. The scroll chiller uses process cooling to remove any unnecessary heat from your cooling equipment to protect your vessel and have your products properly chilled. The scroll chiller is also air-cooled, meaning it does not require a water source to operate. This makes it ideal for businesses that want to reduce their water usage or for those in areas with limited water resources. With the scroll chiller, you can be sure your food and beverage products are properly cooled and safe for consumption. Some applications such as brewery chillers, industry chillers, wine fermentation, carbonated drinks, dairy products, and more utilize the air cooled scroll chiller to yield high-quality products. 

Chemical Industry – The scroll chiller is a must-have for the chemical industry as it helps to remove unnecessary heat from the process for the continuous operation of the system. It utilizes scroll compressors in order to provide process cooling and protect the vessel while also maintaining the right temperature. This allows for maximum use of the chiller, thereby increasing productivity. Plus, with its air-cooled design, this scroll chiller is perfect for use in harsh environments. Hence, the Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Chiller can provide great quality products through proper process cooling. 

If you’re looking for a scroll chiller that can withstand even the harshest conditions, grab your very own Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Chiller now!

Why choose the Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Chiller?

  • Full protection devices of the entire air–cooled scroll chiller.
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant R410a charged. 
  • Easy to install, less maintenance, and save cost. 


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  1. Cooling Capacity: 6 kW to 130 kW (2 ton to 40 ton)
  2. Temperature Control Range:  -5°C to +25 °C
  3. Copeland / Panasonic Scroll Compressor.
  4. High efficiency 304 stainless steel water tank and copper coil evaporator. 
  5. High cooling efficiency air-cooled condenser. 
  6. 3.08 to 3.21 COP
Air Cooled Chiller:
Cooling Capacity: 5.7kw 7.46kw 12.7kw 25.4kw 39.2kw
COP 3.08 3.04 3.11 3.11 3.21
Input power 1.85kw 2.21kw 3.71kw 7.42kw 10.8kw
Compressor: Panasonic Copeland
Condenser: High efficient Fin + Copper coil type
Evaporator: Tank + copper coil. High efficient shell & tube
Chilled water flow rate: 16.3L/min 21.3L/min 36.4L/min 72.8L/min 112L/min
Cooling Capacity: 52.5kw 58.8kw 78.4kw 94.2kw 125.6kw
COP 3.21 3.32 3.25 3.31 3.34
Input power 14.88kw 16.2kw 21.6kw 25.5kw 34kw
Compressor: Copeland
Condenser: High efficient Fin + Copper coil type
Evaporator: High efficient shell & tube
Chilled water flow rate: 150L/min 169L/min 225L/min 270L/min 360L/min
Refrigerant: R410A.
Chilled water outlet temperature at 7℃
Ambient temperature below:45℃
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  2. What’s Cooling Capacity Do You Want?
  3. What’s The Requested Outlet Water Temperature?
  4. Which City Of Your Factory Located In? What Is The Ambient Temperature Range There In Summer and Winter?
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