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Kingfit Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Model: QLK400FC – QLK3500FC


Deliver time:35days-45days

Cooling capacity: 115 Ton to 1000Ton (397kw to 3520kw).

Warranty: 12 months after delivery

What is Air Cooled Screw Industrial Chiller

Considering an air-cooled water chiller that solves problems concerning rubber and plastic processes? Look no further as Kingfit Air Cooled Screw industrial Chiller saves the day!

Kingfit Group has been very consistent with producing highly efficient chillers designed with high specifications. Our air chillers further prove their credibility and durability for a long time of use as we designed them with globally renowned Screw compressors from Hanbell and Schneider electrical components. In addition, you are free to choose from 10 different models of our Kingfit Air Cooled Scroll Industrial Chiller depending on the type of use and operation for your processing needs. 

Air Cooled Screw Industrial Chillers are essential when it comes to rubber and plastic processes. With its Hanbell screw compressor and high cooling efficiency, it helps in protecting your process equipment. Moreover, these air-cooled chillers have a highly efficient Shell and tube heat exchanger and Aluminum fin + copper coil heat exchanger that help in maximizing productivity as it functions in cooling down heated thermoplastic materials by releasing heat to attain the right temperature for your system to operate.

橡胶和塑料 – Kingfit 风冷涡旋工业冷水机的温度控制范围为 7 °C至 25 °C,非常适合您的工业橡胶和塑料工艺。通常,它涉及保持恒定且适当的冷却温度以产生高质量的产品。这成为输出,因为合适的温度有助于增加每小时生产的零件数量,并降低生产有缺陷零件的可能性。去除不必要热量所涉及的工艺包括塑料注射、塑料挤出、吹瓶和吹膜。因此,这款工业冷水机最适合注塑机、吹塑机、挤出成型机、PET 吹塑机、印刷机吹膜机等等!

此外,它还充入了 R134a 制冷剂,非常环保。它还为整个风冷涡旋式冷水机组提供全面保护,因此您无需担心冷水机组的使用寿命!

对我们的空气冷却器高规格和耐用性感到惊叹吗?购买您自己的 Kingfit 空气冷却器




  • 安装简便,维护少,节省成本。
  • 整个风冷式冷水机组的保护装置齐全。 
  • 高效壳管式热交换器 
  • 充入环保制冷剂R134a。
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  1. 汉钟螺杆压缩机。 
  2. 制冷量:115吨至1000吨(397kw至3520kw)。
  3. 温度控制范围: 7 °C至 25 °C
  4. 高冷却效率风冷冷凝器。
模型 QLK400FC 型号:QLK500FC QLK620FC QLK730FC QLK850FC
冷却能力: 397千瓦 493千瓦 618千瓦 723千瓦 845千瓦
警察 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4 3.4
输入功率 115千瓦 140千瓦 175千瓦 205千瓦 240千瓦
压缩机: 汉钟 汉钟
冷凝器: 高效管壳式热交换器
蒸发器: 高效管壳式热交换器 高效壳管式
冷冻水流量: 68 立方米/小时  85 立方米/小时 106 立方米/小时  125 立方米/小时 145 立方米/小时


    1. 冷水机组用在哪些领域?
    2. 您想要的制冷量是多少?
    3. 要求的出水温度是多少?


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