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Kingfit chillers
Air source Heat pump unit

Cooling/Heating capacity range:65kw~130kw/70kw~145kw

Input power range:19.5kw~39.5kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C;40C/45C

Magnetic bearing chiller

Cooling capacity range:1732kw~3464kw

Input power range:288kw~576kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Screw chiller

Cooling capacity range:91.9kw~3461kw

Input power range:22.2kw~629.4kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Magnetic bearing chiller-Turbocor

Cooling capacity range:363kw~2120kw

Input power range:72kw~400kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Kingfit Modular Air Cooled Chillers For Industrial Air Conditioners

Modular Air Cooled Chillers For Industrial Air Conditioners are quickly and conveniently combined at the installation site with multiple standard modular units.
Modular air cooled chillers are centrally controlled by a microcomputer.
The air cooled chillers can automatically adjust the number of compressors in operation according to changes in air conditioning load. So that the output of the air-cooled chillers can maintain the best coordination with the highest efficiency at any time. Even at low load output, the operating efficiency will not below. Each refrigeration circuit and each module is independently operated in an orderly manner under the control of the computer controller. If any circuit breaks down, it can be replaced by other circuits, which can repair and maintain the faulty part while keeping the unit running.


The industrial air conditioner System provides comfortable, high-performance air conditioning and heating for your industrial air conditioning projects. The system works equally well in different industrial air conditioning environments including factories, agricultural buildings, and warehouses.

The industrial air conditioner system creates a comfortable working environment with even temperatures throughout the conditioned area. Adding high specification air purification provides a cleaner and healthier working environment, which can improve productivity. Airborne chemicals, pollutants, toxins, smells, allergens, viruses, and bacteria are removed from the air.

The industrial air conditioner system provides solutions for differing industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements. These include high rooflines, heat from machines, manufacturing floor space/height needs, air quality issues, stable temperature control, and varying ventilation rates.

Smaller size ducting and the induction method of air delivery give greater flexibility to ductwork design. This makes it easier to fit duct workaround fixed production machinery, moving equipment, and staff operation areas.

The industrial air conditioner is designed on a site-by-site basis, to suit your individual project requirements.

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