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Kingfit chillers

Air Conditioning Chillers Unit

Air source Heat pump unit

Cooling/Heating capacity range:65kw~130kw/70kw~145kw

Input power range:19.5kw~39.5kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C;40C/45C

Magnetic bearing chiller

Cooling capacity range:1732kw~3464kw

Input power range:288kw~576kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Screw chiller

Cooling capacity range:91.9kw~3461kw

Input power range:22.2kw~629.4kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Magnetic bearing chiller-Turbocor

Cooling capacity range:363kw~2120kw

Input power range:72kw~400kw

In/outlet water temperature:12C/7C

Can you provide a turnkey project for my building?

We can provide water chillers,heat pumps, and AHU which are only required for the AC system.

What type of machines do you have?

Kingfit manufactures machines such as magnetic bearing chiller, screw chiller, air-cooled scroll chiller, and modular type heat pump units.

We also need a machine with a heating function,what is the max water temperature?

Max heating to 55deg.c. Welcome to contact us at any time. We will try our best to fulfill your needs, our email is tracy@kingfit.cc.

Our ambient temperature is very high,will reach 50deg.c,will your chiller work in such a hot area?

Yes,we can make a special design to meet the requirement. Please feel free to contact us, we will arrange professional personnel to communicate with you.

Our outdoor temperature in winter is extremely low, what is min outdoor temperature can your chiller work?

Min temperature -25deg.c. Looking forward to your contact with us and communicating more product details.

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