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Several industrial processes generate significant amounts of heat and can quickly become unstable if not safely dissipated. A very effective way to eliminate heat from these processes is by using a water chiller. In this article, we will highlight common applications that require cooling and the benefits of integrating water chiller systems in their operations.

What Applications Require Process Cooling?

The industrial applications that require cooling systems for their processes are endless. Outlined below is a list of the top manufacturing operations that regularly benefit from the use of chiller systems:

  • Plastic injection
  • Metal Surface Finishing
  • Chemical reaction chambers
  • Alcoholic beverage brewery (fermentation)

In each of these applications, process cooling aims to minimize damage to heat-sensitive equipment and prevent undesirable temperature alterations to the quality of final products.

Why Use Water Chillers for Cooling Processes?

As earlier stated, several industrial systems generate large amounts of heat energy as a by-product of their processes. These thermal changes require cooling systems that can efficiently dissipate the heat.

Industrial water chillers are a cost-effective and excellent cooling solution suitable for various industrial settings. A properly sized water-cooled chiller system is an asset to every industrial operator looking to maximize productivity while minimizing equipment downtimes. The key advantages of using a water chiller system for process cooling are outlined below.

1. Energy Efficiency

Water chiller-enabled process cooling is a very efficient method for various reasons. To begin with, water chillers operate independently of ambient environmental temperatures, allowing them to avoid system inefficiencies that occur with fluctuations in ambient thermal conditions. Furthermore, due to their principle of operation (using water to dissipate heat from a system), water chillers are very effective in rapidly lowering the temperatures in larger industrial applications.


Chimi series chiller2.High Return on Investment and Cost and Energy Savings

Among the water chiller benefits is a higher return on investment. While the initial costs of installation and start-up might be significant, once the water chiller system is up and running, it is a worthwhile long-term investment with few maintenance costs and component replacements.

Many process chiller constructors build water chiller systems that significantly save energy costs. The coolant used in these chillers (water) is plentiful, cheap, and easy to source compared to other alternatives. In addition, water is an excellent medium for carrying heat energy, which means it will rapidly dissipate the heat contained within an associated process faster while utilizing less energy.


3. Long-Lasting Process Cooling

Process chiller manufacturers typically build water chiller systems to last for very long. When compared to other cooling systems, water chillers are more durable and have far longer life spans.

The explanation for this is relatively straightforward. Most of the components within water-cooled chiller systems are typically installed indoors, with only a few parts exposed to natural weather elements (rain, wind, sunlight, ice).

Kingfit chimi series chillers4. Increased Production Speed

Water chillers can boost production speed by optimizing process temperatures. Maximum efficiency is obtained under properly regulated thermal conditions, and water-cooled chillers can guarantee a stable process environment. Additionally, water chiller systems prevent damage to heat-sensitive industrial components preventing undesirable repair downtime that might slow or even halt production altogether.

5. Quiet Operation

Process chilling done using water-cooled industrial chillers is a noiseless one. This is another major advantage of using water chillers. They possess few dynamic components and, as such, will not generate unwanted noises in an industrial environment. This will allow their use in virtually any setting with good compliance with industrial noise level regulations.

6. Greater Flexibility

Water chiller systems are very flexible industrial devices that can be modified to operate in various indoor and outdoor settings. Dependent on operator requirements, water-cooled chillers can be manufactured in a vast range of sizes and configurations to ensure maximum process compatibility.

Kingfit Can Fulfill Your Process Cooling Needs

Kingfit is an industrial chiller manufacturer offering a full range of water chillers that can be custom-built to various industrial applications. Our state-of-the-art water chillers will optimize your unique processes, providing the crucial thermoregulation you need!

To learn more about how we can assist with your process cooling needs, please contact us today!  


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